by Negazione

There's just one place I'm lookin for there's something I will never find and I'm afraid to stop I'm goin' on and I mean what I say Pictures of you all are on my mind's wall I'll get back to you soon gimme the time to stop. I won't be afraid no more I'll sit down on the beach and say what I think deep to my soul losin' myself into the end of the sky I'll cry and put my heart into the sea hope you will come down to take my body away Up on the mountain, back to my friends.
When I'm lookin back with today's eyes I see there was a lot of pain growin up in me and I just can't understand how could I suffer so much 'cause I'm laughing at myself, now I'm laughin' at myself... Yesterday pain will never be back again Never back again I only didn't get old enough to leave my life behind but there's something that I don't really own anymore and now, when I close my eyes I can find more colors than black. Yesterday pain will never be back again Never back again.
Parole 02:52
Parla con le tue parole parlami con le parole bagnate dai ricordi stralci di vita impregnati dai sogni mani nel vuoto mentre gli occhi pensano... Parla dei gesti e dei volti parla dei giorni vissuti che hai davvero incontrato ridi dei pianti e guardi nel cielo. Cerca la fine del vento nel sorriso di un nuovo giorno Parla, parlami ancora con parole di sabbia io sono qui ad ascoltare i tuoi sguardi.
Welcome to my world there're no warm fires The method is such that you walk to nowhere, yet... Cannot stop walking. I see contentment standing around every bend just around the bend at every turn. But I hope for miracles, I believe in small things (it's) a mirage. I've dreams that give me hope I've got hopes that give me life and I got moments to believe in.
Un impronta di vita traspare prende forma e si traduce dentro mille fantasie dietro una casa con mille luci colori attenuati e corpi violenti il dolore e` piu` sottile ma continuo nel tempo. Brucia di vita apri gli occhi guarda in alto e stringi i denti. Il vecchio e la sua risata si sono spenti nel tempo lacrime di pietra hanno scalfito foto ricordo in bianco e nero tutto si tramanda attraverso un cuore di follia nel culmine di un'arida passione. Brucia di vita apri gli occhi guarda in alto la morte e` lontana.
Stop at a gas station I just end up with a result from my toughts. I put pause on. My eyes. Do I feel really good? Yeah, maybe... Would I really feel bad? Not sure of... But it could be Fumes of gas are comin' up my nose I stop people faces, right in front of my eyes. I turn the motor on I leave, I'm moving. Yes, I paid. Next is nowhere, but it can be everywhere. Just easy. I look at my left side as for waitin' an' gettin' back into my thoughts. Yes, maybe I'll start thinking of you, once again. I look at your picture in my mind I think of everything From nothing to all I look, I think, I open my eyes, I see the road, I look an' sweat... I drive. Mainly, I drive.
Get away 05:34
I look around for everyone who can hear me, I make a sound. I look around an' what do I see? Nothing, nothing but the ground so, I get away. I get away from everything is not concernin' with myself, my life is made of thousand pieces and it's so hard to set'em up ...I get away. I can hardly hear your voices, I gotta get closer to you if I try to look thru' your bodies I (just) can't see beyond seven years I've been searchin for something that could have made me strong, now I feel tired but I'm still searchin for what is left of my own. I look around, I'm on my own, a part of me is almost gone and I walk, I walk, I look around, a cloudy sky is on my head so, I get away. I get away from all of you, don't wanna see, don't wanna know. My life is made of thousand pieces and it's so hard to set'em up ...I get away.
It's hard 03:19
(It's a) trial... Doesn't matter if it's not a big deal it's important if you know what it means. We can build up together what has never been built, it's a dream in your mind, it's a whole complete life ...It doesn't really matter how big your goal is, as long as you're aware of what you're running for and when we're gonna get it, it's gonna be the moment, more than ever...more than ever... never leave our hearts fallin' behind. Now I wanna teach you how, there's a new way to feel, you gotta catch each moment, each moment you live, gotta do it for real... (now, how does it feel?) Even if it's hard...You know it's hard... It's fuckin' hard!


Originally released by We Bite Records 1990

Recorded and mixed at Tango Studio, Eindhoven, Holland, summer 1990.

Produced by Theo Van Rock

On drums: Jeff Pellino


released May 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Negazione Turin, Italy

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