Little Dreamer

by Negazione

Ho pianto 04:36
Io a fissare un cielo silenzioso ecolmo di verita` una cicatrice e` scolpita nel nulla i miei giochi immobili su di una luce irreale Ho pianto, si ho pianto Nella polvere dei sentimenti schiacciati nell'odio e nella rabbia piu` ciechi ho sentito i nervi spezzarsi in un colpo impotente i pensieri divenire incubi Ho pianto, si ho pianto In un angolo di questo gioco ho nascosto tutto cio` che provavo Poi ho alzato lo sguardo offuscato dalle lacrime la notte si era spenta e un nuovo giorno iniziava Ho tremato incerto ed eccitato le lacrime sul volto stanco.
Don't forget 03:04
You see, many years have gone and I'm kinda tired of talking about these things again you'll be surely tired of it but let me tell you few more things for the very last time It's about the way we live it's concernin what we think main values have gone to dust but opening our views will never mean to me to forget about my morals nevr forget about my morals This is not a boring preach, not a tired rethoric I'm here only to say: I wanna be aware once again my dreams could be never attended but my heart is still on the edge my mind will never forget. We all refused certain rules and the beginning was great so now I just say: Keep on stickin at your own law don't accept any looser game it's harder now yes I know but we'll meet once again in another clean sea Don't forget. Now it's just up to you and me. Don't forget. Our heads, our hearts, our hands are gonna be the right place for a revolution Do not forget. Don't forget.
Children are comin out of their graves they didn't live enough they're comin out to tell you their truth they're comin out to ask you why and you'll be scared, scared to death You cannot have tears you have no tears you just got money and houses they will kill you with no mercy Invisible cars are drivin'em down thru' the valley, a nowhere land now But they know where to go there's a sweet baby child up on the 'sun' mountain she's waitin for them since years they'll come up again all the way to tell her something She's gonna be one of them she's always been like that Now she's cryin, she did it for years (waitin for them) They will see her and they will kiss her sweetly, unreal feeling, invisible touch They will just say to her: we don't want to see you cry stand up and follow us sweet baby child our revenge has just begun (we) don't want to see you cry Love and blood will come.
"Ya know there's something I've to say from the start, this is about a little child we all got inside, he's helpin us to dream and play, keep him alive means our lives" Little dreamer, little dreamer oh baby, please don't cry smile and laugh at things around you I'll feed you with hope and dreams I'll give you all my innocence little dreamer, oh little dreamer Dreams of better days dreams of no pain at all this is not unreal this is about my life I'll have to keep excitement and strenght I'll have to keep my child alive that child is inside me that child is me I would be dead too soon and I still wanna get my dreams and hopes I'll call you friend and we'll keep on doin we'll keep on playin 'till we keep on livin' Take care of you little dreamer take care of me little dreamer.
My days 02:37
I got memories and I'm still looking for the truth nothing can kill the heart, another scream, another laugh we feel like thru' changes...Tomorrow, tomorrow will be a great day yeah, I can feel it in my blood I can see it in your eyes tomorrow will be a great day they're comin' My days... They started from nothing impressed by hate brought by a wild rage of the deepest pain It's a warm night under a trapped sky my body's sweatin' eyes around me a sweet smile n your face....Today, today is a great day yeah, I know where to go just followin our souls today is a great day it's here, they're here My days It's a state of mind no way out, no easy lies just dreams of child and my fuckin life True emotions for me and you anguish is banned, this is the beginning of joy.
Death is around, death is around one more night to suffer and die one more 'bad new' about a friend endin up his life don't go, please don't die it's goin around so fast I just can't believe it comes so close Circle of fear, sentence of death one more night to suffer and die sweet old days we were together double image of a friend I've loved at least I hope there will be a place for his soul as a part of him will live in my heart Circle of fear, sentence of death one more night to suffer and die But I can be next and I'm gonna be afraid 'cuz death is around someone will feel the same as me now an' I hope you all will keep a sweet part of me in your hearts (Love; death is around)
Il giorno del sole e` vicino il giorno in cui il sole splende come tu hai sempre voluto Questo e` solo un miraggio ma noi siamo qui legati dobbiamo ancora strisciare nel fango nella terra impregnata di emozioni fortemente volute nell'acqua limpida delle sensazioni sincere ma pagate col prezzo del dolore; quello che ci rimane e` la tristezza del tramonto serena tristezza di giorni vissuti e sofferti nel limbo delle emozioni piu` forti La nostra speranza vede il giorno del sole facile per gli ingenui impossibile per gli ipocriti l'unica nostra forza e` la sincerita` il nostro giorno del sole splendera` di energia fin dall'alba e il tramonto vivra` dei nostri sorrisi sui volti scavati dal pianto.
Ora come allora rumori lontani e soffusi cose perse ed acquisite ma il tempo e` veramente andato Puoi trascrivere ogni minuto puoi trascrivere messaggi quello che sai e` che pochi capiranno le sottili analogie tra l'altezza piu` sublime e il piu` profondo baratro Ora come allora granelli di polvere in un raggio di sole che fa breccia dal di fuori ma non e` tutto uguale Ora e solo ora frammenti di passato viaggiano dentro di me in un'unica direzione.


Recorded and mixed ar Tango Studio, Eindhoven Hollan, february 1988.

Produced by Theo Van Rock and Negazione
On drums: Fabrizio Fiegl


released May 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Negazione Turin, Italy

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